New issue of JSA

The Journal of Surrealism and the Americas has published the second number of a General Topics issue. It can be accessed at:

Current issues feature articles and reviews can be accessed free of charge on the JSA website. 

Journal of Surrealism and the Americas 11:2 (2020)

Feature Articles

Agustín Cárdenas: Sculpting the ‘Memory of the Future’

Susan Power

Bataillean Surrealism in Mexico: S.NOB Magazine (1962)

David A.J. Murrieta Flores

Mexican Carnival: Profanations in Luis Buñuel’s Films Nazarín and Simón del desierto

Lars Nowak

Giorgio de Chirico, the First Surrealist in Mexico?

Carlos Segoviano

Review by Danielle Johnson 

All past JSA issues (2007-2020) are archived and available free of charge to readers via ASU Library KEEP:

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