New Submissions Portal for ISSS Surrealisms 2021

The online submissions portal for the 2021 ISSS Surrealisms Worldwide Virtual Conference Event – Nuits blanches: Noches en Blanco: Around the Clock, 11-14 November 2021, is now open.

We ask that you please upload your proposals (individual presentations, pre-arranged panels or workshops, and pre-recorded artistic presentations) through the following site:

Please submit your proposals here, instead of through the gmail address. (N.b. If you have already submitted a proposal via gmail, we will write to ask that you submit through ex ordo instead).

Please see our updated trilingual Call for Papers here and submit your proposals by 20 August 2021.

We are excited to work with Ex Ordo, as it will afford a far more stable and functioning platform for hosting our Fall 2021 virtual conference. The conference will now feature a) a live, around-the-clock virtual conference stream as well as b) a repository of pre-recorded artistic content, available “asynchronously” to registered conference attendees. This can include films, poetry readings, digital art, and other material, and will be available only to registered conference participants for a limited period.

Information about joining the ISSS can be found here.

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