Call for Inaugural Editor(s)

Editor Search: A New Journal of Surrealism Studies for the ISSS: The International
Society for the Study of Surrealism

Search Schedule:
The International Society for the Study of Surrealism (ISSS), a 501 c(3) nonprofit association for promoting fellowship and scholarly interaction among researchers, scholars, artists, and independent practitioners of surrealism, considered broadly, seeks an inaugural editor or editors for a new peer-reviewed journal to be published under the auspices of the ISSS, with the support of a major university press. We are seeking editor(s) with a strong vision for surrealism studies worldwide, with an established
record of scholarship in the study of surrealism (in any discipline), who are committed to building and overseeing an editorial collective and comfortable with working across multiple fields and, in particular, across languages, in keeping with the ISSS mission Applicants will be selected well in advance of a four-year term beginning July 1, 2020.
Deadline for proposals: December 15, 2019
Position Description
The Editor or Editors of the new ISSS journal will lead the development, organization, and production of the new ISSS scholarly journal, envisioned as a dual-platform publication featuring two print issues per year and an active open-access digital platform for reviews, announcements, and born-digital features. This is a volunteer position, and the ISSS encourages potential applicants to seek institutional support
(e.g. in the form of Research Assistants and/or course releases, where applicable) for their editorial tenure. Individuals or groups of two or more are welcome to apply for the editorship.

Major Responsibilities
Upholding the mission of the ISSS and its journal, with regard to the study of surrealism and surrealism-related activities worldwide, across artistic media, and in various geopolitical and linguistic/cultural contexts; recruiting and receiving manuscript submissions and arranging peer review, when warranted; communicating with authors and potential authors; organizing, recruiting, and working with an editorial board; organizing and submitting copy for each issue of the journal in a timely way to the Press; checking proofs; planning future issues; maintaining regular communication with the ISSS executive board, including meeting with the board at the ISSS annual meeting and reporting on the journal’s activities at regular ISSS meetings; maintaining and developing professional relationships with principals and staff of the Press, which will maintain the ISSS membership list and subscription/renewal processes. The editor
or editors will work independently, but will serve as a voting member* of the ISSS board and report regularly on journal activities at board meetings and at the association’s annual meeting. Active ISSS membership is a basic expectation of a successful application, which is, in part, a reflection of the importance of the association’s core mission.
*n.b. If there are multiple editors, they will represent one vote on the board.

If you are interested in this position, please submit a letter that addresses your qualifications and offers a sense of your vision for the ISSS journal, as well as a copy of your CV. Prior editorial experience is welcome.
The ISSS Board will create an ad-hoc search committee. Applications are due by December 15, 2019. We strongly encourage candidates to discuss their intentions with their academic administrators (deans, department chairs, etc.). The search committee will ask about what kinds of institutional support the applicants will receive if appointed to the editorship (for example, course releases, graduate and/or other student or staff support, any additional financial contribution), although this is not a requirement for

All application packets (in PDF format) should be sent to:
Jonathan P. Eburne, Acting President, ISSS

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