CFP: “Transatlantic Transactions: Dada and Surrealism Between the Great War and the Cold War”

Editor: James W. McManus

‘I am soliciting proposals for the planned volume “Transatlantic Transactions: Dada and Surrealism Between the Great War and the Cold War.” Conversations about this project with Margaret Michniewicz at the Bloomsbury Press have been positive and she has encouraged me to solicit proposals for potential inclusion in a peer reviewed volume likely consisting of 15 to 18 chapter length essays.

I am hoping to draw interest from a wide range of scholars, covering diverse topics that informed and/or participated in the transatlantic exchanges involving Dada and Surrealism between the Great War and the Cold War.

Options, for me, seem to be many. Looking for essays that address influences and exchanges extending in both directions across the Atlantic, it is my desire to see the conversation about Dada and Surrealism expanded beyond the regularly visited venues of Western Europe and North America. Focal points for consideration might include:

• Artists of color, gender and diverse sexual identity

• Expatriates’ on both sides of the Atlantic, especially those living and working outside of major cultural centers.

• Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean basin, and North Africa

• Politics, leading up the wars, wartime, and post-war, effecting Dada and Surrealism

• communications (Radio and television) and travel (steam ship and air)

• publications and small magazines

• the visual arts music, and dance

• Museums and galleries

• post-war influences of and reactions to American material culture

Many more options exist. Hopefully, this list will stimulate thought, producing a wide range of topics for consideration.

Please submit your 2 to 3 page proposals, accompanied by a brief cv or resumé, to James W. McManus by April 1, 2019. (a perfect date for Dada and Surrealism)

Following a review of proposals, chapter length essays will be selected for peer review


Style – The current issue of the Chicago Manual of Style

Microsoft Word, 12 point, do not use automatic formatting


If you are proposing a work previously published please provide the title and date, as well as the publication.

Also, this might provide you the opportunity to introduce new discoveries that could alter the content or conclusions of the previous work.’

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